But I couldn’t resist reading this post thinking that if you have concerns about your child’s development, it is a great guide. If your child has problems in many of the areas listed here, talk to your pediatrician. If there are only certain areas where your child has problems, remember that there are a variety of skills and even differences between boys and girls and when they learn certain skills. But there are many skills here that are not necessarily taught by a teacher or a parent, but only go hand in hand with development.

I like the list, but it is so important that we remember that they should not be taught in an environment “Sit down while I teach you a math lesson”. ALL elements on this list can be taught during the game in the first years. Ask your child to clean the blocks, pick up the red ones while lifting the blue ones. Sing songs, talk in the car, read books, etc. It is not that your child “returns the data” as indicated on a previous poster.

Just don’t let it believe it’s the next Picasso. If you are struggling with math or anything else at school, you will surely be frustrated if you don’t master yourself immediately. I wish I had found this list before my son came to kindergarten. I think it’s a great list of guidelines! After I had my son’s first parent-teacher conference, I realized how different kindergarten is now than at school.

It is unrealistic to expect a 2- or 3-year-old to do many of these things. It is also not suitable for its development. All of these things are taught during the game in a preschool or daycare center. The most important thing for me as a parent is to know that my child can get along with others and has empathy. They are unique and everyone learns at different speeds.

Sure, leave her, but don’t forget to teach her too. For this reason, the United States lags behind other countries in mathematics and science. I am horrified by some of the comments here.

He also learned to write stories by conveying ideas in his writings with a beginning, a means, and an end, and using at least 10 sentences with appropriate punctuation and capitalization. Best Tuition Centre in Bishan He started to learn about time, money and spatial ideas. Kindergarten is much more advanced than most people think. Go to your school in time and ask them what your child should know.