Updating the Religion

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Since the advent of life on Earth from time to time there have been constant changes. These changes occurred both naturally and in order for the survival and improvement of the earthlings as a whole. These changes have helped us survive in different conditions with the advent of time. Here are some very simple examples of these changes:

Natural change

The Earth has cooled down, and only life forms have appeared.

Hydrocarbons -> Single-celled organisms

Single-celled organisms -> Two-cell-> Multicellular complex organisms like us.

Prehistoric Man -> Modern Man

Increase the capacity of the human skull.

Changes caused by human activity

Be Naked -> Wear Clothes

Lonely Person -> Become a Social Resident

Only Hunting -> The Inclusion of Agriculture

Pets that are peddled for friendship and safety

Trying to find a better way of life

From the letters -> Telegrams -> Phones -> Cell phones -> Smartphones.

All the while walking -> Invent wheel -> Truck -> Animal Carts -> Cars -> Rockets

And so on the list is endless

All of the above changes occurred for one reason: “To improve our lives.”

This doesn’t mean that the old things weren’t good or bad, it just means that they were out of date or at a stage where they could be updated and made more specific over time. The basics of life remained the same, life a little refreshed.

If we talk about today’s world, everyone has a smartphone or computer system. If you’ve been using it for a while, you’ll find that it alerts you to a possible available software update. We click on it right away because we don’t want to fall behind. The phone remained the same, but the software was updated for better work.

If we face all this every day, why are we blind in matters of religion?

Religion is something that has been around for thousands of years, it’s been recognized

Religion teaches us good, well

But why can’t we understand that every religion is a set of rules given to followers to behave in a certain way, which, in the opinion of knowledgeable people, are right for living together in peace and harmony in this society.

Why do we put religion above humanity? The only proof that humans preceded the emergence of all religions is that there are so many religions with different ideologies in this world, but the basic biological composition of people is the same everywhere.

Why not also try to update the belief system? Why not set the rules for the modern world and society? Keep the basics of your religion, but at least try to update the software for the 21st century world. We blindly follow what anyone says about religion. I bet if everyone started to follow religion rationally, all these businesses founded in the name of God would die in a week, would stop all bad things that are done in the name of religion, and people would consider them much stronger and more confident. . Rationality can make this world a better place.

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