Why You Should Keep Your Resume Updated

February 22, 2021 by No Comments

Don’t forget to update this resume

This is too common a scenario that affects most workers today. They do not update their resume periodically while working for the company.

As a result of achievement, values, recognition, publications and professional seminars never get into a document that becomes archaic and useless. Having a relatively fresh resume is mandatory, especially if the situation at work changes or there is an immediate opportunity.

The situation is changing

Industry experts recommend updating your resume every six months. Many situations justify such discipline. Changes at work are common. These include promotions, awards, sales quota clubs, new skills, publications, additional degrees, certificates and staff responsibilities. Over time, these details are erased from memory.

In truth, no one knows when they need immediate access to their RESUME. The update to the resume includes and emphasizes new skills and achievements, but also means the elimination of outdated materials that are not relevant to today’s labor market. You’re just losing precious space.

Be prepared when it gets smaller

The average worker does not have access to a crystal ball to predict their employment status at any given time, especially in the current economic crisis. If you get the annoying news that your post is shrinking, trying to ignite the ups and downs of your work when you are under stress is counterproductive. Inevitably, you will fail by losing sight of the basic skills and knowledge that a potential employer can look for. If you’re armed with a newly updated resume, it will help reduce anxiety and make it easier to start looking for a job.

Hurry leads to mistakes

In today’s virtual world of LinkedIn, social media and search engines, you can’t foresee when you’ll meet “your dream job” or when a network connection will alert you to an immediate opening and ask for a copy of your resume as soon as possible. Working on a busy schedule can increase the associated risk of omissions, evidence, typographical and grammatical errors, potentially jeopardizing an exceptional opportunity.

As a result,

Never put yourself in a position where you need to respond to a situation that you could easily handle proactively. Periodic resume renewal is an important task that is easily overlooked or rejected because of the demands and pressures of today’s rapidly changing environment. The strategic approach for any employee is to ensure that their CV is relevant and can be sent at any time, whether they are looking for new opportunities or suffering from staff reductions.

Make sure your resume is updated, also means that it is visually appealing and not cluttered. If reading is not easy, maybe now is the time to do it again.

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